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Industry News

Container Stuffers Show C-Loader & K-Loader at NA 2010
By Container Stuffers, LLC
Apr 15, 2010
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Auburn, WA -- Currently there is no machine or piece of equipment that was specifically designed and engineered to load the entire contents of a 20' or 40' container in one movement.

Instead, companies use general purpose equipment never designed for specific applications. Container Stuffers LLC has changed the ground rules by offering equipment specifically designed and engineered to load a 40' container in one continuous 4-minute movement, increasing output by up to 50% while reducing manpower costs.

The company currently has two basic designs, the C-Loader and K-Loader, both of which can be customized to specific applications.

After watching a customer loading standard pallets into a 40' container using a combination of pallet jacks and forklift (currently the most widely used method), CSL's principals thought, there's got to be a smarter way to load those containers!"

They put their collective minds together and began designing what they nicknamed their project the "C-Loader". They observed that the average time taken to load a 40' container was about 40 minutes, though this is affected by the type of cargo being loaded.

The major drawbacks being that only a single layer of pallets can be loaded and unless each loaded pallet is scale weighed prior to loading, the total weight of the load will be a rough estimate at best. Additionally there are the cumulative health and safety issues associated with the forklift operator breathing carbon monoxide trapped inside the container over a prolonged period.

The K-loader was conceived, developed and built by Container Stuffers Limited (CSL) LLC, whose key personnel have over 75 years combined experience in serving the needs of the Forest Products industry in the Pacific Northwest. Among the company's larger customers are Simpson Timber, Hampton Lumber and the Weyerhaeuser Company.

CSL has installed, serviced and maintained the full range of machinery and equipment associated with the mechanized processing of lumber products found in any typical sawmill; sometimes this has involved modifications to original machinery and equipment design.

On other occasions, CSL has designed, fabricated and installed machinery and equipment to meet a customer's special requirements. With this experience the company has built an enviable reputation for taking on a wide range of projects that were completed on time with the highest quality and customer satisfaction through innovative thinking and work applications.

While working on an unrelated project for a customer that was in the business of exporting logs in containers, the CSL principals noted awkward and labor intensive process being employed to load logs into a 40' container using a knuckle boom loader-currently the most widely used method. They noted the average time taken to load a 40' container was not less than 20 minutes.

Moreover, because the knuckle boom loader was not specifically designed for this application it is subjected to heavier than usual wear caused by the stresses of manipulating single logs into the container. Additionally, one in ten containers suffers significant collateral damage caused either by inexperienced equipment operators using equipment never specifically designed for this application, or the sheer brute force inherent with shoveling massive logs into the containers.

The platform chassis rests on two I beams and is of 3/4" A36 mild steel throughout. The log pocket posts and retaining walls are fabricated with tubular steel reinforced 1/2" A36 plate.

The push plate is built from 1" mild steel plate reinforced by a tubular steel frame. This rugged construction when combined with the simple design, results in significantly reduced maintenance.

The transfer feed speed is infinitely variable up to 10' per minute, and this is for the entire load. The gearbox and chain drive mechanism have been designed and engineered to routinely transfer loads of up to 60,000 lbs. No special operator training or experience is required.

Source: http://www.containerstuffers.com/

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