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 Intermediate Bulk Container Companies
AmeriGlobe FIBC Solutions
Most companies believe a bulk bag is just a bag.  We believe that our bags are different.  We have developed a system to help you and your customers get the most out of your bulk bags.  For more information, visit our web site.

Baker Tanks, Inc.
America's largest containment rental company with over 30 branches nationwide.  We rent tanks, roll-offs and pumps.

Black Forest Marketing, LLC
High containment process systems, for gas tight, dust free dosing, mixing, blending, storage and discharge; intermediate bulk containers, silos, powder handling, storage, for pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food applications.

Buckhorn Inc.
A leading provider of reusable plastic packaging solutions.  Our products include collapsible bulk boxes; intermediate bulk containers; distribution pallets and top caps.

Bulk-Pack, Inc.
Manufacture of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC's) for the packaging industry.  Bulk-Pack enters the next century ready to carry on it's proud, customer-lead, tradition of packaging evolution.

Experts in the rental and sales of intermediate bulk containers for food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.  Flexible--rent 3 months to 8 years--or purchase.

Cesur Packaging
A vertically integrated FIBC manufacture located in Turkey.  Manufacturing a wide range of FIBCs for liquid and dry bulk materials.  ISO 9002 certified.

CDC Containers, Inc.
Manufacture of stainless steel intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and tanks for the chemical, brewing and wine industries.

Custom Metalcraft, Inc.
Fabricator of a wide variety of material handling and storage equipment for industry.  Products include mixers, conveyors, intermediate bulk containers and turnkey materials handling systems in stainless, aluminum and alloys.

Custom Powder Systems, LLC
Manufacturer of intermediate bulk container (IBC) systems for handling and processing dry powders and flowable solids.  Core products include IBC's, column lifts, tumble blenders, IBC docking stations and wash stations.

Dino Bags, Inc.
Producer of all kinds of high-quality, competitively-priced FIBC's, big bags and bulk bags.

Diverse Plastic Tanks
Distributor of plastic storage tanks and containers for industrial, commercial, agricultural and personal applications.

Dolav Plastic Products
Manufacture of large HDPE containers for use in storage, transport and materials handling systems.  Other products include special containers for transportation of hazardous or dangerous materials.

Dynamic Rubber, Inc.
Manufacture of inflatable seals used for hoppers, valves, door seals, dust seals and many other applications in the powder handling industry.

Enviro-Pack Material Handling, Inc.
Distributor of FIBC's, bulk bags, plastic totes, plastic pallets and aluminum pallets.  Custom design and build of returnable packaging systems.

Francis Ward Ltd.
Specialist manufacture of reusable intermediate bulk containers in plastic and steel for materials transport and storage. We supply IBCs under the brand name Bison IBC Systems.

Gemco Valve Company Gemco
Manufacture of solids and slurry processing valves and retractable sleeves for OEM's and End Users in the powder and bulk solids industry since 1930.  Our full port, self-cleaning spherical-disc valve is an industry standard.   For more information and a quotation call 1-800-654-3626 or +1-732-752-7900.
Read Gemco Valve's Press Releases and Case Histories and Gemco's Videos

InBulk Technologies Ltd.
New intermodal transportation and storage container, the ISO-Veyor is a highly innovative, extremely efficient means of transportation and storage for bulk solid materials.

Jenike & Johanson, Inc.Jenike
For over 40 years, J&J's engineering design approach to powder and bulk solids flow problems eliminates waste and lost productivity in all industries.  Our designs prevent segregation and bulk solids hang-ups.  J&J designed silos and feeders also provide reliable, first-in, first-out flow.  Having tested over 8,000 materials and served 3,000+ clients, you too can benefit from our expertise in selecting process equipment for your plant or troubleshooting an existing system.
Read J&J's Press Releases and Case Histories and J&J's Videos

Jiangsu Light Industrial Products Corporation
Manufacture of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC's) from China.  Products include jumbo bags, big bags, container bags and bulk bags.

JohnPac, Inc.
Securing the packaging interests of our customers by manufacturing customized woven polypropylene bags and bulk bags and providing industrial packaging options on time, every time.

Kefco Inc.
Manufacture of polyethylene tanks, hoppers and intermediate bulk containers.  We also offer plastic-lined piping systems.

Manyan, Inc.
Ever considered bulk bags as an alternative to semi-bulk or IBC containers, but just couldn't come up with a suitable bulk bag for your product?  Our experienced team of professionals at Manyan will be glad to find the right solution for you.

Matcon USA Inc.
Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC's) Technology to suit all your needs. Market leaders in innovation, quality fabrication and design. 100% complete discharge of dry solids in powder or granular form using the original, and still the best cone valve technology.

MegaSack Corporation
Distributor of bulk bags and FIBC's from the best manufactures.   We specialize in obtaining the best quality and price our customers.  Custom bulk bags available.

Metano, Inc.
An intermediate bulk container rental and supply company.  We offer stainless steel, carbon steel, polyethylene and poly composite IBCs for sale or rent.  Replacement parts & accessories.

Meto Corporation
Offering lifting, positioning, dumping and blending equipment for IBC's and drum-type containers.  We serve the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

MiniBulk, Inc.
Supplier of high-quality circular woven and u-panel FIBC's.  We offer custom design and manufacturing to meet your specific packaging needs or you can choose from our large selection of in-stock bags in many styles and sizes.

Mitchell Container Services, Inc.
Complete industrial container service company offering IBC rentals, sales, cleaning and re-certification.  We recycle and recondition 55 gallon drums, pails and IBC's and lease stainless steel tank trailers.

Pharmatech, Ltd.
Supplier of blenders, fluid bed dryers, mixer-granulators, hoists & tippers, drums, IBC's and general processing equipment to the pharmaceutical, chemical, foods and cosmetic industries.

pH Europe Ltd.
International pool operator of stainless steel IBCs.

Pittsburgh Tank Corporation
Providing one-piece, welded storage silos, custom fabricated from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.  Bulk storage provided for plastics, chemicals and food processing industries.  Designs and coatings to suit your specifications.

Plastic2go Pty Ltd.
Consults, sells, designs and manufactures plastic pallets, crates and intermediate bulk containers.  Provides exceptional service and superior products, both new and used, to match your budget, time and quality requirements.

Polijut AS
One of the leading PP fabric and bulk bag manufactures in Turkey.  We have been exporting products such as FIBC's and webbing to countries all over the world for more than 20 years.

Poly Processing Company
Manufacture of polyethylene products for over 25 years.  Offering rotationally molded hoppers, silos, IBC's and custom parts for the powder and bulk materials handling industry.

Precision IBC
EcoDry, heavy-duty, Poly Bulk Bin is perfect for shipping, handling, and storage of dry flowables such as powders, flakes, pellets, coffee, tea and granules.  This portable unit is reusable and stackable and makes bulk material handling easy and economical.

Manufacture of industrial containers and container-related services including drum leasing, drum filling, drum reconditioning, scrap preparation and reverse logistics.

Servolift LLC
Products include drum lifts and IBC manipulators, sanitary valves, cone valves, size reduction equipment, tablet coaters, high shear granulation and fluid bed processing equipment.

Schafer Container Systems
Manufacturer of metal IBC's.  Standard systems such as tank, round and silo containers, plus tailor-made customized equipment.

Solitec Engineering Ltd.
Powder handling systems and equipment suppliers of mixers, conveyors, elevators, loss in weigh & volumetric feeders, bin activator dischargers, fluid bed dryers and IBC's. For chemical, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, plastics and foundry industries.

Snyder Industries, Inc.
Nation's largest manufacture of polyethylene tanks, hoppers and IBC's since 1968.  Products include rotationally molded, one piece, seamless hopper bins, IBC's and bulk tanks.

Structure-Flex Ltd.
We have been fabricating IBCs, liners and bulk bags since 1970.  

Sunjut AS
Sunjut has been weaving polypropylene since 1968. Sunjut is ISO 9002 certified and currently the largest vertically integrated bulk bag manufacturer in the world with production capacity of 120,000 bulk bags per week.

Taizhou Taihua Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
The biggest manufacture of FIBCs in China. Offering high-quality and competitively-priced FIBCs, bulkbags and plastic totes.

Tote Systems
The originator of the modular intermediate bulk container (IBC) in 1947.  The product range has been expanded to include bins and tanks, filling and batching systems, IBC blenders, discharge and dosing systems, post lifts and IBC washing systems.

Trans-Tainer Pty Ltd.
Australia's leading manufacture of metallic IBCs for the chemical, food, industrial and process industries.  Standard or custom IBCs and tank in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

UCON AG Containersysteme KG
Manufacture of high-containment bulk powder, discharging, dosing and blending systems that are gas-tight and dust-free. Our unique cone-valve technology has set a new standard for dosing accuracy and low maintenance.


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